You know all the words to the “Classic Hits”

You ask your kids “what’s this rubbish on the radio?”

You still play CD’s on occasion

You call movies videos not DVDs

You try to explain mix-tapes to your kids and they just look at you blankly

You’ve looked at Twitter but think “what’s the point?’

You try and expand pictures on Instagram

You do not get the point of hashtags

You first thought ‘lol’ meant lots of love

You have no idea what ‘lmao’ means and you don’t care

You look for small children to hide your body behind when being photographed

You think a selfie stick is one of the most ridiculous things you have ever seen

You have more granny sized undies in your drawer than teeny tiny ones

Spanx is your friend

A big night out is dinner and a movie

You love the idea of a cup of tea in bed at 8.30pm on a Saturday night

You bend over to tie your shoelaces and look for something to pick up at the same time

Shaving your legs counts as an exercise session

You ask your kids to paint your toenails for you as it’s a bit hard to reach

You give up pulling out your grey hairs, because you might go bald

You invest in a magnifying mirror for your bathroom, and then immediately wish you hadn’t

You look at what girls wear to go out in these days and have a chuckle to yourself

You look at what your own girl wears to go out in and are horrified

Your phone rings after 9.00pm and you feel mildly annoyed at someone ringing you so late

You have been upset about someone putting the wrong thing in your recycling bin

You sing along to the muzak in the supermarket without realising

You were shocked to hear that Keanu Reeves just turned 50

You nearly die when you realise The Karate Kid is 53 years old

You have a Tupperware drawer and you use it

You’re regularly invited to parties… to look at Tupperware/Arbonne/Thermomix’s

The most excited you have been in the last year was when you bought a Thermomix

You wake up early on days you can sleep in

Your body takes a few minutes to get going once you get up in the morning

You’ve had a moment when you cannot remember exactly how old you are right now

You walk into a room and stand there wondering what you came in for

You do not recognise any ‘famous’ people under 30

You have to scroll for like forever, to get to the year of your birth when filling out a form online

You can’t believe that people who were born in 1996 can legally drink and go out

You look down at your hands and wonder ‘how the hell did they get so old looking’

You read this list and nodded your head to most of the above!


It will come as no surprise that I can relate to some (ok, most) of this list! How about you? Any others you’d like to add?