2014 has been quite an interesting and challenging year for me.  If you had told me at the beginning of the year, that I would have a blog up and running, be doing a life coaching course and have people I don’t personally know following me on Facebook and Instagram, I would have thought you had rocks in your head! I truly believe that is important to look back with gratitude on what you have achieved, before you look forward with intent. Therefore, I have decided to round off 2014 with a brief look at what I have accomplished this year, before I am onwards and upwards towards new and amazing things in 2015.

Early in the year I attended the 2014 Big Hearted Business (un)Conference, where I discovered many new things about myself, including the fact that it was time to stop playing small in my life.

Lesson Number One: There is no time like the present to move out of your comfort zone. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

I decided that I would enrol in a life coaching course that really spoke to my heart, rather than go back to a career that I no longer had any real passion for.

Lesson Number Two: It’s ok to let some things go, in order to move on to where you feel you are supposed to be. Your business should be an extension of your heart.

I decided that I had better start living like it was 2014, and get on Facebook and Instagram.

Lesson Number Three: Social media can be addictive, but it has also introduced me to some amazing and inspiring people that I would otherwise have never come across.

I thought I would try and teach myself to build my website, and so I did.

Lesson Number Four: It doesn’t have to be perfect in order to start. Just begin.

I rediscovered a long lost love of writing, and realised that quite a few people actually like what I have to say.

Lesson Number Five: Follow your passion. You will become what you believe yourself to be.

Finally, I have one last piece of advice for you, my lovely reader, that I failed to take heed of myself this year.  Lean in and listen and learn from my mistake.

Lesson Number Six: Never EVER agree to getting a German Short-haired Pointer puppy just as your youngest child is about to enter Prep!


Before you start to look towards your goals for the new year, stop and think about what lessons you have learned this year? How have you surprised and challenged yourself?