I'm Melissa, an award winning life and parent coach for midlife women.

In my late thirties, I felt a little bit like ‘life as I knew it’ was over. I had spent most of the decade deep in the role of motherhood with my 3 children, and while there is no doubting they are my proudest achievement and my greatest joy, I often felt as if I had lost the true essence of who I was.  Certainly I put my own wants and desires at the bottom of the pile.

It was only as I moved through my forties, becoming more brave in my choices, saying yes to myself more often, and becoming curious about who I am and how I want to feel in my life, that things started to shift and I became aligned with joy and purpose. It wasn’t always easy, but it’s definitely been worth it!

Now at the age of 50, I truly believe my best years are still ahead of me, and I look forward to stepping more deeply and powerfully into my own unique brand of wisdom. Here’s to the  Magic of Midlife! 

What I Believe

I  believe in listening to the inner guiding voice in my head (but not so much the inner critic). To live my life with intent, authenticity, and joy, and to continue to grow and learn as a mother, friend, life coach, space holder, and most importantly as ME!

How Can I help you?

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