Women's Circle

Bayside Women's Circle

The Bayside Women's Circle is a regular opportunity for women to come together, feel heard and supported while they set intentions for the coming months and season. Spend time connecting with like minded women in the beautiful pavilion at the RAW Community Garden. Mariam and Melissa look forward to welcoming you. For more details or to buy a ticket for the upcoming Winter Circle please click the button below.


Stay Connected: Mother/Daughter Weekend for 11-14 years

Stay Connected is a very special weekend in country Victoria designed to bring you and your daughter closer together and find new ways of staying connected as they get older. With a mix of connecting in circle, crafting, and time in the great outdoors, this will be a fun weekend where memories are made and bonds are deepened. The next retreat is 16-18 October, please click the button below for full itinerary and to reserve your space.

Celebration Day for Girls: Mother/Daughter Workshop

Celebration Day for Girls is a mother/daughter workshop carefully designed for 10-12 year old girls to to support them at this special threshold in both their lives, and to provide an affirming, grounded and connected celebration of the journey to womanhood. At the Celebration Day girls enjoy lively discussion, fun craft activities, women’s stories and gentle celebration of the threshold of puberty and menarche. For details of my next Celebration Day please click the button below, or contact me for information regarding holding a Celebration Day in your home for your daughter and friends.