1. I’ll think about it… (usually said when I mean no, but can’t be bothered with the ensuing argument)
  2. I’m not going to ask you again…(oh, yes I will!)
  3. I’ll be there in just a minute… (more likely 10 minutes, unless I forget to come at all)
  4. Get off that iPad, you have been on it for ages…(it kept you quiet while I was on Facebook and Instagram, but I’m finished now)
  5. Maybe…(see number 1)
  6. There is going to be a serious consequence if you don’t do what I say… (um,  I just have to think of it first)
  7. I am going to turn this car around if you don’t behave… (and go where? I’m trying to get you out of the house!)
  8. You are going to be in big trouble when your father gets home…(but we probably will have all moved on to the next drama by then, and forgotten all about it)
  9. If you don’t clean this room, I’m throwing all your stuff in the bin! (no I won’t- then I’d have to buy you more stuff)
  10. Why doesn’t anyone listen to me?  (Why won’t you all stop fighting/playing on the iPad/jumping on the dog, and look at me with adoring expectant eyes ready to hang off my every word!)

It’s funny how we often say one thing, and mean another- and I am definitely more guilty of this in my role as a parent, than I am in any of my other relationships.  This week, I am going to make a conscious effort to remove most of these sayings from my parenting repertoire, and be more honest with my responses.  After all our children are like sponges-absorbing how to behave from our actions more than our words (and besides, half the time they never listen anyway!)

Do you ever say one thing, and mean another? Leave your comments below- I’d love to hear from you.