12 days in Greece, one husband at a conference, no children in tow: so what did I learn about myself?


P5180892In the moment. This was a rare opportunity for me, and I really didn’t want to wish it away listening to my monkey mind. So, I left my ‘mummy guilt’ at passport control, and focussed on the amazing experiences I was having, rather than wondering if my kids were surviving ok (um, of course they were perfectly fine). I also didn’t wish away time thinking thoughts like, ‘oh only 2 more days to go then I’m back to reality’. I concentrated on the reality that was my here and now, and I’m happy to say that I enjoyed every second of it with no guilty conscience.




 Whatever the hell you want to do. Seriously, if you have time out of your busy everyday life, with no one to answer to, and you feel like doing absolutely nothing…then you should do exactly that! One day I ordered room service and read a novel, another day I tried a Tai Chi class with the local Greek Granny’s. I went clothes shopping in Athens, I sat in a cafe and watched the world go by, I ate the best spinach pie in the world, I walked around the ancient town, I sat by the pool and read a magazine… In other words, I took away the words “I should…” and replaced them with “Today I feel like…”


Without fear into life’s experiences. The water in the Mediterranean sea was C.O.L.D. Most people on our boat trip chickened out on snorkelling because it was a bit chilly. Me? I put my snorkel and mask on and jumped off the side of the boat with a loud  ‘woo-hoo’ and had an amazing experience swimming though an underwater rock tunnel. Was I out of my comfort zone? Yes I was. Did I get back on that boat feeling absolutely exhilarated with life? HELL Yes! Gone are the days where I let fear about what I might look like, or how I might  feel, stop me from experiencing life, and man does that feel awesome!


P5211902To your intuition. Part of just being in the moment, and doing what it was that I felt like doing, was really taking the time to listen to myself. I thought that I would use at least some of the time I had to myself to work on my business. But guess what? I didn’t feel like it once! I soon realised that what I needed was an absolute break. I have spent the last few months busy in creation mode, and I really needed space to take a few deep breaths and acknowledge all my hard work. This is not something I tend to do very often (and to be honest, at the time I was a little worried that I might have lost my mojo). But, it turns out that breathing space was exactly what I need in order to begin the next phase of developing my life coaching business.


P5191831Yourself! Do I look like I am loving myself sick here? Probably because I was! Life felt easy, happy, and joyful, and while I know what you are thinking (‘well, my life would be a whole lot easier, happy, and joyful if I was on a beautiful Greek Island without my kids too!’) I certainly learnt some important things about looking after myself better in my everyday life as well. Namely, to take regular time out for self care, be open to new experiences, and remember to check in with how I want to feel, then do things to make that happen.
Trust me, you do not need to fly halfway around the world for that!



While I would have loved to bring you all back a dodgy souvenir, I am going to do better than that! I am feeling energised and inspired after this amazing experience, and I want to share those feelings with YOU.  
So for a limited time only , I am opening my calendar to some wonderful women who may not be ready for a full coaching series, but would like a bit of motivation to help get their mojo back.  
60 minutes 1:1 via Skype to help you gain some clarity, kickstart your mojo, and walk away with some inspired actionable goals. For any bookings made in the next TWO weeks, I will offer my services for only $99, which includes a pre-questionnaire and an email follow up.
While I may continue to offer these one off sessions in the future, they will definitely be at a much higher price, so if you have been thinking about coaching but have been a bit unsure, now is a perfect opportunity to give it a go!