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Celebrate Your Cycle Self Care Gift Box


The Celebrate Your Cycle self care gift box is carefully curated to help tween/teen girls learn to look after themselves at that time of the month. It is a wonderful gift to help celebrate a girl’s first period, which is such an important rite of passage in the journey towards womanhood. I recommend buying it in advance and putting it away until needed, then adding a special hand written card.


The products in this beautifully presented gift box have been specially chosen to help girls honour and look after themselves at that time of the month, making it the perfect present to celebrate a girl’s first period, or to gift them to teach the importance of self care.  A great idea to buy and put away until needed. All products are made in Australia by women creating beautiful hand made products that promote self care and wellbeing including:


  • Pesticide free Wheat Heat Bag from Hello Wheatbags
  • ‘Dream’ Bath Salts & Organic ‘Happy’ essential oil mist from Lemon Canary
  • Wet Purse (ideal for storing sanitary items in school bags) from Mense Sense
  • ‘Love Yourself’ positive affirmation quotes pack from Janelle Lorenzini
  • Each Celebrate Your Cycle Gift Box also comes with a beautifully designed postcard filled with practical self care tips specially chosen to help tween and teen girls manage their menstrual cycles effectively.
  • $2 from the sale of every gift box will be donated to ‘Share the Dignity’
  • Total value of the products included is over $85

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