Are you ready to live a life filled with joy & possibility on the other side of forty?Your forties can be an amazing time of your life, however I truly believe that you have to consciously invite the life you want to live into your world. Otherwise, the years can rush by in a super fast blur, and your kids grow up and need you less, and before you know it you are wondering, ‘how in the hell did I get here? This is not the life I wanted for myself..I feel disconnected from my self and my sense of purpose.’


What if there were a different way to live? A life where you woke up feeling full of energy and excited at what the day brought? A life filled with joy and connection to your loved ones. This is the life I want you to lead on the other side of forty…


Know that you are in the right place if…
  • You’re getting older and are not sure what is next for you…
  • You are wanting to make some changes in your life but are just not sure how to make it happen…
  • You are busy trying to balance your work and family commitments, and feel like neither get the best version of you…
  • Self care is at the bottom of your priority list…
  • You are in your late thirties, forties and beyond, and feel like you are running out of time to find out what your true purpose in life is…
  • You can vaguely remember the things that used to light you up inside, but it has been so long since you have gone there, you have no idea how to get started.



When you work with me, together we will develop an awesome plan for you to move to where you want to be in your life. We will create and set inspiring goals with weekly actions that will fit in with your busy lifestyle (trust me, I know you don’t need more on your ‘to do’ list!) With lots of encouragement, support and motivation from me you can and will achieve the things that you want in your life.


Rediscover the things in life that bring you joy
  • Gain clarity around what it is you want to achieve
  • Create a plan to prioritise self care (no more putting yourself at the bottom of the pile)
  • Remember that life may be busy, but you can still enjoy it and consciously be in the moment
  • Reconnect to yourself and others in a way that feels right for you




Your Best Life on the Other Side of Forty: 6 session Coaching Series
Detailed Pre Coaching Questionnaire
3 months | 60 minute Life Coaching Sessions (every 2 weeks either in person or via Skype)
Continual email support and motivation during the series
Additional resources provided as required
Cost: $350 per month for 3 months
Book in for your 20 minute FREE consult via phone to talk to me personally about how I can help you gain clarity and focus on your wants and desires in life on the other side of forty. This is a no obligation chat, to see whether we are a good fit to work together. Email me at


90 minute Clarity Session
This one off session is perfect for you if you are looking for some clarity and guidance in one particular area in you life eg. your business/career, health, self care, parenting etc. You will finish the session with a clear set of actions to move forward with to help you reach your desired goal.
Detailed Pre Coaching Questionnaire
90 minute Life Coaching Session ( in Hampton or via Skype)
A follow up check in email
Cost: $250



What people are saying about working with me

I can not speak highly enough of Melissa: as well as being a wonderful person she is a fantastic Life Coach. She has coached me to be able have the confidence, motivation and self belief to help my new small business grow. She has not only assisted me with this, she has also assisted me with innovative ideas to create a greater awareness of my business within the community. She has helped me to stay focussed and forge a path forward. Patricia Falcetta Social Living Solutions

Working with Melissa gave me instant clarity about how I could put into place some very Lisa-Hatherly-11-250x250practical suggestions to help me move forward. Her supportive and caring energy made it very easy for me to comfortably open up and share my fears and thoughts with her. I loved the way she used her own personal experiences to help me see where I could make lasting positive change in my life. Lisa Hatherly | Coloured in Life

Always friendly with her welcoming smile, Melissa instantly had me feeling at ease at every life coaching session. Even in the tough times, Melissa gently guided me, helping me explore and go much deeper than I ever thought I would. Forever grateful that you kept moving me in the right direction. Margaret Lardieri | Mother of one

Melissa is like a ray of sunshine in life and as a coach. Her sense of humour and down-to-katherinewwmearth attitude make her the perfect coach for anyone who is over taking life too seriously and ready to bring the joy back in to their day.  If you need a hand getting back on track, or you need a time out from the family to reconnect with who you are, Melissa is the coach for you. She is passionate about helping mums take care of themselves and her no B.S approach is laced with laughter and an emphasis on fun, while taking powerful steps to achieving your goals at the same time. I defy you to leave a coaching session with Melissa without a big smile on your face, because her energy is infectious, and her results are real. Katherine Mackenzie-Smith | The Beauty of Life

Working with Melissa helped me rediscover my sense of self. I don’t put myself last anymore and I’m far more happy in general. I highly recommend working with Melissa, I found the experience of coaching to be a rewarding and life changing one, and my day to day life is a lot happier and fun. Nicky Wustenberg | Mother of three


Let’s get you well on your way back to being the best version of yourself you can be. Book in today for a free no obligation ‘Time For Me’ Session, to see if coaching with me is right for you. I really cannot wait to hear from you.