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What exactly is life coaching?

Great question! There are many different forms of life coaching, however for me, I am not here to tell you what to do, but rather to support you to a greater level of self awareness through powerful questions and positive feedback in a super supportive environment. My Life Coaching page has all the information regarding what a coaching series with me entails.

If you want more information about my personal take on life coaching, I have also written a blog post called “Um, what exactly is a life coach?”

You have a background in Psychology. Does this mean you will be counselling me?

Well, no is the short answer.  I am a trained life coach and I love what I do!  I am not currently registered as a psychologist, nor do I intend to be in the future.  I won’t be asking you to do any psychological testing, nor will I be delving into your deep dark past.  If you need assistance with any mental health issues, I am more than happy to refer you to the right person.  However, I do believe that my background in psychology and many years of study in this area help me to be an even more awesome life coach (if I do say so myself!)

I am based in Melbourne. Do you see any clients in person or is it all via Skype? 

One of the great things about life coaching, is that I can help people anywhere in the world achieve their goals, and I have found that Skype (video or audio) is the best vehicle for this.  However, I am also happy to offer telephone coaching within Australia (you call me).  In regards to face to face coaching, I do have rooms available to see clients during school hours in the bayside suburb of Hampton, please contact me for further information.

What hours of the day/night are you available to see clients?

My other job is as a taxi driver for my children, therefore I have set my hours to see clients within school hours Monday to Friday. That is between 9.30am and 3.15pm Australian Eastern Standard time. If daytime hours do not suit you, please contact me for availability, or to discuss hours outside of these times.

I am not in my forties, can I still work with you?

Of course you can, I love working with people of all ages, and I don’t ask for ID! While the majority of my clients are women on the other side of forty, I am very happy to have a chat if you feel like you might like to be coached by me.  Please feel free to book in for my 20 minute Complimentary Consult here

How do I know which coaching package is right for me?

Have a look at my Life Coaching page for detailed information about the packages that are available.  The structure of the sessions, and level of support given is very similar, however if you have a number of different goals you wish to work on in different areas of your life, then a 12 session series maybe better for you to achieve the results you hope for. There is an option to extend your series (and pay the balance) if you book 6 sessions, and then decide you would like to work on some further goals with me.  

Do you have a payment plan?

I certainly do! You can pay monthly by direct deposit, or pay half now, half later, or upfront in full, I’m not fussy!

If I email you, will you respond straight away, or pretend like I don’t exist?

Regular mail support is part of the deal when you book a coaching series with me, so I definitely want to hear from you! I try and answer most emails daily, except for weekends when I am trying to practice what I preach and achieve a happy work/life/family balance.

Melissa, that all sounds great, but what if I pay for a coaching series, and then I realise after having time together that we aren’t a great fit?

This doesn’t tend to happen, as one of the main reasons I offer a complimentary consult is to ensure that we are a great fit to work together to help you achieve your goals.  However, if for some reason you feel that way, please let me know, as I want this experience to amazing for you, and we can work something out.

I’m excited! Where can I sign up?

I’m excited too! Please head to my CONTACT ME page and sign up for a half hour complimentary consult, and lets get the ball rolling on you becoming the most awesome version of yourself possible!