next round starting in August

The Empowered Women's Collective: A transformative 3 month online program for women ready to step into their wisdom and power

"The Empowered Woman, she moves through the world with a sense of confidence and grace. Her once reckless spirit now tempered by wisdom. Quietly, yet firmly, she speaks her truth without doubt or hesitation and the life she leads is of her own creation..."

When I first read the opening lines from ‘The Empowered Woman’ by Sonny Carroll, I felt it deeply in my heart. All the work I have done in the past few years to reclaim my life outside motherhood and reconnect to the women I once was and am still yet to become.

I know I am not alone in this desire…having coached many women in their forty & fifties over the past few years, I have witnessed the disconnection many women feel, and the overwhelm that daily life can bring. However, I also know via my time running Women’s Circles the power that connection with like minded women, group support and space to focus can bring.

Welcome to the Empowered Women’s Collective…where coaching and connection meet and lives can transform.

Who's it for?

Women in their forties, fifties and beyond who are feeling called to step more fully into their wisdom and power, with the support of a sisterhood who understand the challenges we all face as we get older.

This is intimate group coaching where YOU work on your personal goals all the while being cheered on and supported. You will be guided by me in setting powerful goals in areas such as mindset, wellbeing, self care, and relationships with practical actions to work on between calls.

If you are feeling ready to make  changes in your life but need some clarity, space and support to help make it happen, then this is the right place for you.

What's Included?


There are 2 online evening group video coaching calls per month for 3 months. Each week will have a broad theme: Intention, Mindset, Release, Integration, Transformation, and Celebration. You will receive personalised coaching on each call.

We will share a private Facebook group as a safe place to ask questions, feel supported and celebrate each other. I will be regularly active in the group each week, offering support, additional resources, and each Sunday evening I’ll offer a personalised  oracle card reading to help guide you forwards into the week.


Join the Empowered Women's Collective now...

Now more than ever we need our online communities for support, motivation and connection. I am fully committed to the  Empowered Women’s Collective being a transformative and positive experience for the women who feel called to join. 

These are hard times, and as such I have decided to keep the price of the Empowered Women’s Collective as affordable as possible. I am fully committed  to this program and look forward to guiding and supporting you to a new level of being. Join me and a small group of likeminded women in taking a positive step towards empowerment and a more whole hearted way of living.

I want this program to be affordable and available in these challenging times we are currently experiencing. For 2020, the Empowered Women’s Collective will remain at $160 per month for 3 months. This can be paid in monthly instalments via direct deposit, or if you wish to pay upfront the total cost will be $450 (saving you $30).  

The second round of the EWC is starting on Wednesday 5th August, with the  private FB group opening up the weekend prior. Calls will be made fortnightly for 3 months via Zoom and will be at 7.30pm AEST.

I have worked with women of various ages and stages (no, not all are mums!) and I know that the women who say yes to this are going to be in for an incredible experience. You do not need to have specific goals in mind to join (although it is fine if you do!) Together we will create an individual plan for you moving forward, and you will have the support of your own cheer squad along the way!  If you are unsure whether this is right for you, please feel free to email me at with any questions and/or I can set up a time to have a brief phone chat with you.