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Disconnect to Reconnect

Do you feel like screen time use in your family is a little out of hand?


  • Does everyone in your family seem happier playing on their own devices rather than with each other?
  • Do you wish you had more quality family time, but whenever you try to make it happen you feel like you get shut down?
  • Are you prepared to get real about screen use in your family, including your own (yes I’m talking about Facebook!)

If these are issues that you can relate to, then first let me say that I absolutely know how you feel. At times I have felt completely frustrated about screen usage in my own household, yet a part of me felt relieved that it kept the kids quiet so I could do some work on the computer or have some downtime scrolling social media (hello irony).

Let’s face it, screens are here to stay for all of us, and for our kids in particular, they are an incredibly important part of their developing world. Whether we like it or not, our children are growing up with screens usage in their daily education, entertainment, and socialisation, and that’s not going to change any time soon.

However all too often, I see parents at a loss of how to handle it, a lack of consistent and clear boundaries around use in the home, and an increasing frustration at the disconnect in the family. Not surprisingly, there is a sense of fear around what we don’t understand, and this can lead to a lot of conflict, particular as our children get older, and mobile devices like smart phones are introduced.

That’s why I have created my new coaching session
‘Disconnect to Reconnect”

No, I am not suggesting moving your family to an idyllic wi-fi free tropical island (although wouldn’t that be nice for a little while!)

‘Disconnect to Reconnect’ helps you to get clear on the screen use in your home, and gives you practical age appropriate strategies that you can start to implement in order to bring a more calm and connected feeling into your everyday family life.

Prior to the session, you will fill out a detailed pre coaching questionnaire and get real on the screen usage in your family home (and that means time spent on your phone as well!) You’ll also consider what is a realistic amount of screen usage for your family and their individual needs.

Then together will sit down with a cuppa (in person in Bayside Melbourne or via Skype) for 90 minutes and get straight to the heart of the issue, working on practical ways you can start to set clear consistent boundaries around screen use in your family, as well as plenty of tips and suggestions to bring families together.  You will walk away from the session with a personalised list of strategies and actions to implement in your home, giving you a clear sense of purpose to move into change with confidence.

Also included is a follow up 30 minute Skype/phone call a week or so later to troubleshoot any issues you may be having, and provide you with accountability and support to stick to your goals.

Introductory Price is only $225 (a saving of $25)
Email me now at to book your session. I look forward to hearing from you!

About Me

I am a mum of 3, including a Playstation/YouTube obsessed teenage son, a tween daughter whose interest in all things social media is starting to grow, and a iPad loving 8 year old. I am a certified Life Coach, and have worked with many mum’s around these sorts of issues and challenges in life coaching sessions. I have also studied a Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology, so have a thorough understanding of adolescent development and mental wellbeing. Over the past couple of years I have written for parenting sites including ‘Understanding Boys’ and ‘Scary Mommy’, and I am currently writing a non fiction book for tween girls.