Hello there! I’m Melissa Jeffcott, a certified life coach, sacred space holder, and workshop facilitator, with a passion for helping women rediscover and connect with the things that give them purpose and joy as they get older.

A bit about my journey to the other side of forty…

In my late thirties, I felt a little bit like ‘life as I knew it’ was over. I had spent most of the decade deep in the role of motherhood with my 3 young children, and while there is no doubting they are my proudest achievement and my greatest joy, I often felt as if I had lost the true essence of who I was.  Certainly I put my own wants and desires at the bottom of the pile.

As part of my 40th birthday ‘Festival of Mel’, I found myself walking along a beautiful deserted beach in north-east Tasmania, feeling a sense of peace and stillness, not usually associated with my busy noisy life at home. With no one else nearby, I found myself truly in the moment, when a voice popped into my head and said ”hello Mel-it’s nice to see you again”. I was either losing the plot, or having an Oprah ‘aha’ moment (I choose to believe it was the latter!)

I realised that in order to live your best life, you have to listen to your own needs and act on them.  It is ok to put yourself first now and then!

Since then, I have been on a mission (that occasionally gets derailed by day to day life) to find my life’s purpose, and to listen to the inner guiding voice in my head (but not the inner critic). To live my life with intent, authenticity, and FUN, and to continue to grow and learn as a mother, wife, friend, life coach, space holder, and most importantly as ME.


Want to know more about me?



13152759_10154016473230801_1513266289_nWell thank you- I’m flattered! I am a certified life coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and have spent much of my life on a quest for knowledge (I also have a Bachelor of Economics and Graduate & Post Graduate Degrees in Psychology). I have worked in various fields over the years including child psychology, retail management, travel consultant, and I have plenty of experience in kid wrangling, with 10 and 13 year old girls, and a 16 year old son under my roof (oh, and a crazy German Short Haired Pointer called Otto!)

For most of my adult life, I have loved to travel but I am finding the older I get, the more I crave time in nature rather than busy cities (although I will make an exception for New York!) I enjoy green smoothies and good champagne.  I love being social but I also need my alone time. I try and meditate regularly and I also love to bust out a few moves on the (living room) dance floor. I try to only speak kindly about others, however I am also known to regularly drop the F bomb. In other words, I am not perfect but I am comfortable in my own skin…trust me when I say that it took a while to get here!

Based in Bayside Melbourne, I spend my days coaching wonderful women (both in person and via Skype) and I absolutely love running the Bayside Women’s Circle and various workshops and retreats for women and tween/teen girls. I feel very blessed to do the work that I do, it really is wonderful discovering your passion on the other side of forty!

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