I am very proud to be a trained facilitator for a Celebration Day for Girls, and I warmly invite you to register your interest for one of my upcoming days held in Bayside Melbourne.


About the Celebration

A Celebration Day for Girls is a one-day workshop for 10-12 years old girls with their mother or female carer. This carefully crafted workshop was designed by Jane Bennett to support girls and mothers at this special threshold in both their lives, and to provide an affirming, grounded and connected celebration of the journey to womanhood.

At the Celebration Day girls enjoy lively discussion, fun craft activities, women’s stories and gentle celebration of the magical threshold of puberty and menarche.

Many participants report that their mother-daughter relationship is enriched and enlivened as the doors of communication in this key area of female experience and development are opened.

The first part of the day is spent with girls on their own (from 10.30am – 1pm) and, just before lunch, the mothers/female carers join in for the remainder of the day (including a long table celebratory lunch) finishing at about 4pm.

For Mothers

Much of the role of provider of information, wisdom and guidance falls, naturally, to mothers and female carers. For this reason we meet on our own (mothers and facilitator) for a two-hour evening session in the week before the Celebration Day. This is an important preparation for the Day and allows time for adult conversation and storytelling. During this session mothers commonly receive ideas and support for their unfolding mother-daughter relationship as they journey the adolescent years together. This session is included in the cost of the Celebration Day for Girls ticket.

Here’s what some mum’s have said about my Celebration Day for Girl’s workshops: 
  • Thanks for an amazing day, it was so worthwhile and a wonderful start to the next chapter for these beautiful girls as they move into the teenage years. I will be highly recommending this day to other friends! Lizzie
  • Thanks for a great day last Sunday (and mum’s session Thursday night!). Tessa and I both thought the session was fantastic. What a special time for a mother and daughter to spend together, exploring a topic that is not often discussed and certainly not celebrated in the way that it could be. Tessa loved the crafts and stories and how the information was discussed amongst the girls in such an open and non-embarrassing manner. It is amazing what can be explored with just a little structure and guidance to get the conversations going. We will always remember this meaningful day together. Thank you! Leslie
  • I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at how confident the girls were after the day, and empowered with a bit more knowledge. It was a safe environment where they could talk abut girly issues and not be judged or ridiculed, and my daughter is not so scared or worried about getting her period. It was also lovely to share stories with other girls and mums. Nada
  • Thank you for facilitating a fabulous day for my daughter and me with the Celebration Day for Girls workshop. It was beautifully and thoughtfully considered day of activities that truly celebrated this special stage of the girls lives, and enhanced the relationships between all the mums and daughters who attended. I couldn’t recommend it more highly to any mums who have daughters at this age. Ruth
  • I booked my 10 year old daughter into Celebration Day for Girls just weeks before I am due to give birth to my 4th daughter. I really wanted this special time with her one on one to help inform her of the changes to come in a beautiful environment as well as having that special bonding time with her. I wanted to show her how important support from women around you is and that being open and sharing with each other is vital to our wellbeing. It was all that I had hoped for and more. I would highly recommend all mums and daughters participate in this workshop with Mel, who so kindly opens up her home to us all for the day. Mel has a heart of gold and the attention to detail on the day is brilliant. I truly hope my daughter remembers this day always, I know I will. Katie
And here’s what some girl’s have to say…
  • I liked Celebration day for Girls because we got to have a girly day and be with our mum. It was also good because we got to learn about being girls and we don’t do that anywhere else. Monika
  • I really enjoyed the Celebration Day for Girls, because you can learn about being a girl in a fun environment without being really embarassed! Olivia


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 I am also available to travel and run a group if you have a group of between 6-12 girls/mums in mind. Please feel free to email me to register your interest or with any questions you may have at melissa@melissajeffcott.com 

You can also find more information, including a great video of a Celebration Day in action by clicking HERE